Caipi Boys at your event?

We make ‘em, we shake ‘em, you drink ‘em. It’s not rocket science, a perfectly mixed drink is
much more important than space travel. Anyone who says cocktails are for girls hasn’t tasted one
of ours. All of our drinks are our own recipes – the CaipiBoys take on the classics, with a cheeky
little twist. You’ll usually find us quenching thirsts at festivals all over Holland/Europe, but if you
want to bring the taste of Caipiland to your wedding, birthday, festival, divorce party, or whatever
it is you’re celebrating, get in touch and we’ll get the drinks on ice.
We cater to events starting from 200+ cocktails. Go big or go home.

All this reading is making us thirsty. Below you can find some example. Get in touch for a personal quotation.

  • Example

    • 200 COCKTAILS
    • 1200€ TOTAAL EXCL. BTW
    • 3 HOURS
    • 2 CAIPI BOYS

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  • Example

    • 400 COCKTAILS
    • 2100€ TOTAAL EXCL. BTW
    • 4 HOURS
    • 3 CAIPI BOYS

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